Session 1

Overview of the Wine Industry

Exploring the wine industry today and the difficult transition toward e-commerce, the complexities involved, and the mindshift that needs to happen for the industry to thrive online


Zac Brandenberg, DRINKS Co-Founder and CEO

Session 2

Applying Enterprise Learnings to Wineries

Making wine work online for enterprise taught us a lot about how to be successful and we want to apply this knowledge to wineries


Zac Brandenberg, DRINKS Co-Founder and CEO
Kelly Martin, Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Enterprise at DRINKS

Session 3

Best Practices for Your Winery E-commerce Store

Unpack the complex details of regulatory compliance and tax issues involved with wine e-commerce

Session 4

Navigating Compliance and Tax Requirements

Dive deep into the online storefront which represents one of the greatest opportunities for growth available to wineries


Kelly Martin, Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Enterprise at DRINKS

Session 5

Creating a Strong Customer Experience

Learn the ways wineries can increase lifetime value by creating strong relationships and experiences with their customers


Tyler Prete, Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo

Session 6

The Importance of Zero-Party Data

As wineries continue to expand their online business, they are uniquely positioned to use data to create a personalized customer experience


Ben Parr, Co-Founder and CEO of Octane AI

Session 7

The Power of Data

When selling wine online, wineries have access to data that can inform almost every aspect of their business in ways that retail cannot


Barry Collier, Co-Founder and Head of R&D for DRINKS

Session 8

Reviews Are Critical

The fundamentals of reviews have changed dramatically, and now wineries have the ability to elevate how customers interact with their brands


Adena Merabi, Senior Agency Partner at Okendo

Session 9

Don’t Ignore SMS

SMS can be fundamental to cultivating the customer experience and integrating it with other technology can increase customer lifetime value


Jay Quiles, Head of Agency Partnerships at Attentive

Session 10

Merchandising Strategies for Wineries

Wineries have many opportunities to grow beyond traditional distribution channels, by creating direct relationships with people who love their wines


Jessica Kogan, founder of the Digital Voice Consultancy and former CMO & CDO of Vintage Wine Estates
Zac Brandenberg, DRINKS Co-Founder and CEO