Leverage Technology to Give You an Advantage

What drives customer value? At DRINKS we build machine learning models, generate data science insights, and analyze millions of daily interactions to find out. Precisely decoding this signal is part of unlocking the secrets to the future of online marketing and merchandising.


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do everything … except shop for alcohol. That is, until now. We are pleased to unveil our patented DRINKS PAIR technology, the premier predictive AI retailing platform for the beverage alcohol industry, enabling businesses across the industry to optimize sales and product development for the digital future.

  • DRINKS Recommend

    Recommend wines precisely based on how consumers subjectively feel about brands.

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  • DRINKS Predict

    Leverage AI to forecast how a product will be received without producing a physical product.

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  • DRINKS Discover

    AI-based trend reports to identify new market opportunities before they hit the news.

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